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Eight Thousand Nursing Assistants

Graduate in 31 Years

Est'd 1989

Savant Achievement Center was created in the heart of the west side at 626 South Zarzamora on June 26, 1989. Originally Savant Training & Technology, founded by Mr. Jesus and Maria Pantoja, was to help people who needed training in order to become employed. Today with two facilities Savant is still working this goal, offering Nursing Assistant training and employment assistance.

"Training without employment has no value" stated Maria E. Pantoja, M.S.

The program offered at Savant is four-weeks long. Persons who have been unemployed or underemployed are ready to start a new career as nursing assistants soon. Nursing assistants are in high demand by hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies. This is a field that has no shortage of employment opportunities. Savant works with all its graduates to secure employment.

The training is offered to persons 17 and older, with the oldest student having been 77 years of age, the fact that the program does not require a high school diploma has allowed many high school drop outs to become trained and employed. John Torres, graduate of 2007 sees this as a field that is wide open for men, with plenty of opportunities, he is now pursuing a career as an LVN.

In 1991, Savant became the only school to offer the Auxiliar de Enfermeria Program. These classes were formed to address the many persons who were seeking to better there lives but did not speak the English language. Classes are now offered totally in Spanish.

"The Spanish students are very successful and have no difficulty becoming employed" stated Ms. Maria Garza, Instructor.

Savant has been instrumental in providing training to the surrounding areas by taking its program to Floresville, Pearsall, Cotulla and Lockhart, Texas. As well as providing custom training to local facilities such as Santa Rosa and Nix Hospitals.